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We invite you to learn more about Cerner Charitable Foundation (formerly First Hand) and the donors, volunteers and partners who make it all possible.

Announcing Cerner Charitable Foundation


Published on 11/11/2020

This year, we celebrate the first 25 years of giving through our charitable foundation, First Hand, and look to the future. We have the exciting opportunity to evolve and broaden the foundation’s scope. With a goal to expand the foundation’s reach and advance Cerner’s impact through corporate philanthropy, First Hand Foundation is evolving to Cerner Charitable Foundation.

We are not replacing First Hand but expanding it to encompass other charitable giving efforts already taking place within Cerner. Guided by the social determinants of health, we will have three areas of focus: health, home and heroes.

Health: Funded by Cerner associate contributions, business partner sponsors and community members, First Hand’s important work closing the gaps in health care for children will continue as an integral project of Cerner Charitable Foundation.

Home: It is the foundation’s goal to reduce disparities in our communities, develop tomorrow’s transformative leaders and use our expertise to improve the communities we call home.

Heroes: We will deepen our current impact on veterans’ groups and health care heroes through collaborative partnerships and initiatives.

The new foundation honors our legacy, embraces community engagement opportunities, advances strategic partnerships and broadens our collective impact.