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We invite you to learn more about Cerner Charitable Foundation (formerly First Hand) and the donors, volunteers and partners who make it all possible.

Looking Back at a Year of COVID-19

Giving Back

Published on 3/19/2021

Shanna Adamic

Executive Director, Cerner Charitable Foundation


Over the last year, COVID-19 has changed nearly every aspect of our daily lives, created previously inconceivable challenges and shown us what’s possible when we all come together. To address needs created by the pandemic, our team at Cerner Charitable Foundation stepped up to provide relief to communities where associates live and work.

Operation Safe: Vaccinating Our Community, Together

Most recently, Cerner led the Operation Safe coalition, joining with North Kansas City Hospital, Liberty Hospital, Clay County Public Health Center, and municipalities in the area, with the goal of vaccinating eligible members of our local community. Cerner associates jumped at the opportunity to get involved. To date, nearly 3,000 individuals have volunteered to support this mass vaccine effort and delivered more than 40,000 doses. Each clinic is staffed by 300 volunteers, both clinical and non-clinical.

COVID-19 Relief Efforts

In the beginning of the pandemic, we recognized the tireless efforts of front-line medical professionals and first responders valiantly working to save lives and launched the Feeding the Front Lines initiative in Kansas City and Malvern, Pennsylvania. Through dedicated fundraising, the foundation raised over $191,000 in under a month to provide nearly 24,000 meals to essential workers at 118 sites from 80 local restaurants. The initiative boosted the spirits of essential workers while bolstering the local restaurant industry.

We were committed to supporting COVID-19 relief efforts in Cerner campus communities. The foundation granted $150,000 to nonprofit organizations addressing the human service needs created by the pandemic in Kansas City, Malvern, the United Kingdom, India, Australia and other communities around the world. 

Connecting Children to Care through Technology

The foundation’s individual medical grants give families access to life-improving, and sometimes life-saving, healthcare for children when financial barriers stand in the way. Addressing inequities children without technology were facing, the foundation stepped in to provide iPads to children needing to access school and telehealth therapy sessions.

International Charitable Efforts

One of the most heart-warming things to come out of this last year is the overwhelming drive for Cerner associates to give back. Through Cerner Charitable Foundation, associates volunteered to make a difference in their global communities.

  • Variety Australia – Cerner associates in Australia volunteered to gather in-kind technology donations and monetary donations to support Variety Australia and their efforts to provide devices for virtual learning and teletherapy for children.
  • Parikrma Humanity Foundation– Cerner India associates volunteered with Parikrma Humanity Foundation to create and deliver healthy habits classes in English for under-served students at five government schools. The engaging classes entertained and educated students about this important topic.
  • North Paddington Food Bank – Cerner associates in the United Kingdom donated items, stocked pantries and supported their local food bank. Due to the pandemic, North Paddington Food Bank’s resources were needed more than ever.

After a year of loss and hardship, it is fantastic to see a light at the end of the tunnel and be a part of the solution with Operation Safe. I’ve been inspired by the collective action our foundation team and all Cerner associates have taken during this time. Together, we are creating healthier tomorrows and building stronger communities.