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Donor Stories

Why Support Cerner Charitable Foundation?

Cerner Charitable Foundation envisions an equitable world where individuals and communities thrive. We're creating that world through medical grants, wellness programs and engaging volunteerism. To date, we have improved the lives of over 600,000 people around the world. None of it is possible without the generous support of donors. Here's what a few of our contributors have to say about the foundation.

Scott Rowe

CrossFirst Bank

Court MVP

Healthcare, especially for children, has been a passion of mine for a long time. As a parent, you need to be there 100% for your child as they go through treatments and recover, and there’s no time or energy to cope with the financial hardships that can present themselves during this time. I support Cerner Charitable Foundation because of its mission of bringing assistance to children and families when they need it most.

Nicole McReeves


Reach Participant, Clinical Decision Committee Member

I donate to Cerner Charitable Foundation because I believe it's important to give back, whether that be your time or service, and what better way to give back than to help children receive necessary and often-times life-saving medical equipment and treatment.

Erin Boje

Shawnee Mission Medical Center

Court MVP (with Kit Boje)

As a Registered Nurse in the NICU, I know the immense burden that a child's healthcare needs can place on a family financially, emotionally and physically. It is wonderful to see an organization committed to giving back to these families in need during such a stressful time in their lives. Healthcare is not just about caring for the physical body; it is about caring for the whole person, family unit and community.