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Recipient Stories

Making a Difference One Life at a Time

Cerner Charitable Foundation is dedicated to creating healthier tomorrows and building stronger communities. Through our donors’ generosity, we’ve improved the lives of more than 600,000 people around the world. Here are a few of their stories.


9 years old

Ricky loves basketball and swimming like any 9-year old boy! However, because of cerebral palsy and paralysis, he requires assistance to get in and out of the car to enjoy these activities. Ricky’s doctor recommended a special car seat with a base that swivels, allowing his parents to lift him straight out of his seat – not up and over the side of it. Cerner Charitable Foundation provided funding for the car seat, and now, mom and dad can turn Ricky’s seat to face the side of the car and move him directly into his wheelchair.


9 years old

Tatyana received a free wellness screening at her elementary school. During the head-to-toe assessment, a registered nurse discovered several dental issues and referred her for additional follow-up. In all, she needed seven cavity fillings, a stainless-steel cap and oral surgery to remove an erupted tooth. Cerner Charitable Foundation provided funding for the five-hour surgery to restore Tatyana’s dental health and her beautiful smile.


11 months old

Lincoln, a beautiful 11-month old baby, was born without part of her esophagus – the tube that connects her mouth to her stomach. After receiving treatment since birth at Children’s Mercy Hospital, her parents decided to transfer her to one of the only hospitals in the U.S. that is specially designed to care for children with this rare condition. That meant Lincoln’s parents Sarah and Mitch would need to relocate for several months to Boston. Cerner Charitable Foundation provided funding to cover lodging for Lincoln’s family while they lived out of town and out of their own home during her operation and recovery.