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School Health

Healthy Lifestyles Begin in Childhood

We want a world where every student’s wellness is a priority, every school has the resources to manage their students’ health, and students are empowered to take charge of their health.

Our school health programs focus on the students’ complete physical, mental and social well-being (as defined by the World Health Organization). The program components are based on national standards, align with state guidelines and are evidence-based. We take the programs into the schools to meet the students, teachers and parents where they are.

Fiscal Year 2020

School Health & Wellness by the Numbers


Wellness Screenings Conducted


Middle School Students Participated


High School Students Participated

Healthe Kids Screenings Elementary Wellness Screenings

Healthy students are better learners. Our free wellness screenings include hearing, vision, vital signs and a complete head-to-toe assessment for elementary students with parental consent. A registered nurse can identify potential issues and recommend referrals for follow-up monitoring and care.

Parent Survey | Health Room Survey | Administrator Survey

Healthe Perceptions Middle School Social-Emotional Wellness

Physical changes, an increase in academic rigor, and social factors make the middle school years a pivotal time for early adolescent development. We created a comprehensive program for addressing social-emotional wellness. It offers participating schools a learning curriculum, staff development, free social-emotional wellness screenings, and access to follow up care.

Healthe Foundations High School Healthy Lifestyle Curriculum

Teenage students begin to make their own decisions about food, activity level and other lifestyle choices. Our free high school program includes a curriculum with personal application components and teaches teens to take charge of their health, showing how today’s decisions can shape their futures.